Welcome from the Conference Chairs

Welcome to the first ICCHP-AAATE Joint International Conference on Digital Inclusion, Assistive Technology and Accessibility! 

We are excited to join forces and propose a new venue for researchers and practitioners in assistive and access technologies, to showcase their work and mingle together. After almost two years of living through a pandemic, during which AAATE 2021 had to be canceled and ICCHP 2020 was held online, we have decided that our best way forward is to merge our bi-annual meetings for 2022. This will provide a single platform for exchanging ideas, stimulating conversation, and facilitating networking. 

The ICCHP-AAATE joint conference is open to everyone interested in new and original ways to put technology at the service of people living with a disability.  It fosters the creation of tools, systems and services that are accessible by design, and that can level the playing field for a world where everyone can enjoy equal opportunities. It is based on the belief that technology can contribute to breaking barriers and empowering people. By bringing the AAATE and ICCHP communities together, this joint conference will explore the common threads linking policy, practice, research and advocacy for people living with disabilities, working together towards a more equitable, just, and participatory future. 

There are multiple options for contributing to the conference: Scientific contributions will undergo a rigorous peer review process for publication in the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), in the open access compendium “Assistive Technology, Accessibility and (e)Inclusion", or in the Technology and Disability Journal (Special Issue). Forum contributions (workshops, tutorials, seminars, posters and panel discussions) will provide an opportunity for discussion and participation. Within the Forum, the Inclusion Fair is the place for showcasing projects, products, and services. The Young Researchers’ Consortium encourages students to present their work in a welcoming environment. 

Looking forward to welcoming you all to Lecco, Italy soon...Come join us! 

Conference Chair

Katerina Mavrou
President AAATE
Department of Education Sciences
European University Cyprus


Scientific Chair

Roberto Manduchi
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
University of California
Santa Cruz, USA