Technologies for Inclusion and Participation at Work and in Everyday Activities

People with disabilities, as in many other areas of life, have limited opportunities for participation at work. Common work environments and processes still have limited accessibility for people with all different kinds of disabilities.Digital technologies and tools offer great potential to reduce barriers in the work environment. For people with motor or sensory limitations, there are already various technologies that are successfully used. However, people with cognitive or psychological disabilities have support needs which are currently not met by the existing technical support options.Under the particular working conditions that COVID-19 has brought, there are also additional aspects that influence the participation and job satisfaction of people with disabilities.In this session ideas, visions and projects for research, development and evaluation on the following topics will be presented and discussed:

  • Digital technologies (software, apps, assistive technology) to support people with disabilities at work
  • Accessibility of workplace-related technologies and environments
  • Development of assistive technologies for work
  • Use of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or Gaming in workplace-related technologies
  • Workplace infrastructure and technologies for people with disabilities under COVID-19 conditions

The aim of this session is to bring together researchers and developers who are engaged in the development and evaluation of technologies to improve the inclusion and participation of people with disabilities at work.This session is organized by: Research Cluster ‘Technology for Inclusion and Participation’, TU Dortmund University


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