Standardisation and certification - an underestimated topic

Standardisation, a underestimated topic - where standardisation matters (example  WCAG, buidling enviroment) how can we bring more persons from the community into standardisation process.Looking on the implementation and the transposing of the EAA we can see the high importance of Standards, which are the technical background and the foundation in bringing accessiblity to a new level. Whitout the underlaying technical standards there would always be a struggle about the question, how a destinct level of Accessiblity can be achieved.Relaying on standards means, that you have to have the trained staff, who can implement all the rules and regulation in a technical and managerial way. There for certification for both - staff and products - are necessary. Companies are asking for a possibility to proof, that they are on the right was and that they respect and implement accessibility within their possiblities.We want to raise the following questions:

  • How to engage in standardization ?
  • Major gaps in standardization: e.g. regarding the needs of PwD in daily life, AT adoption processes, etc.
  • Management aspects: compliance to legal and standards' requirements, facilitate risk management, (standards-compliance as) marketing argument, cost savings (incl. lower insurance fees), promotion (incl. avoidance of bad news in the media), CSR (corporate social responsibility)
  • Recent developments in legislation and standardization
  • Standards-based certification schemes: benefits for users, such as 
    • persons with disabilities (PwD) and their representatives (e.g. to be able to engage in standards development)
    • pertinent industry to find information on standards and standardization activities (e.g. for the sake of 'investment security')
    • researchers and developers (e.g. for the sake of scientific discussion and to avoid duplication of efforts)
    • care-giving organizations/institutions (e.g. to avoid conflict over contracts with tool or service providers)
    • policy makers and legislators (e.g. to keep legal regulations and standards coherent)
  • Standards and certification helping PwD: e.g. for entering professional life and making a career
  • Which certifcations are on the market, ie. for Austria WACA and CWAE and or on the international level IAAP 
  • The eco-system of Accessibility: standardisation, certification and education


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