Can the implementation of the EAA drive Accessibility in the EU

Because of the legal obligation within the EU 27 to transpose the EAA in the national legal framework till may 28th 2022 we will examine the status and the future of the implementation of Accessiblity in Europe and compare it with other regulations we have in th world like the ADA in the USA.Sometimes ADA is compared with the EAA. What are the differences and could the  EAA also drive accessiblity in the EU and will this also last 30 years.The Directive only sets out the absolute minimum requirements that must be met without further detailing how to comply with these requirements. Member States may adopt national laws that are more ambitious than the EU text, but never softer or contradicting. They can also make voluntary accessibility requirements of the Act (for example, on built environment), compulsory in their national legislation. Similarly, they can cover other products not included in the Act (for example, smart household appliances) and use the accessibility requirements of the Act for them.We will discuss and higlight the following topics:

  • Overview to the EAA, what is covered, when are the deadlines......
  • Status of the implementation in different countries
  • how the EAA was transposed in different countries
  • goldplating - are the examples for overfullfilment 
  • market surveillance - central or decentral approach, what is better and how will this be solved in differenct countries
  • status of the mandat of the EU regarding the relevant HENs
  • how the effective transposition of the Accessibility Act is necessary to ensure effective application of the accessibility provisions of the Public Procurement Directive and EU funds, the Audiovisual Media Services Directive and the European Electronic Communication Code. 


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