Digital solutions for inclusive mobility: solutions and accessible maps for indoor and outdoor mobility

For many people with severe disabilities and chronic illnesses, unfamiliar environments or lack of information about accessibility about the environment and infrastructure pose a major problem. This can significantly worsen job prospects if a person is unable to meet spatial mobility requirements because planning and carrying out occupational travel within buildings or to other locations is difficult to accomplish and involves various barriers.

Especially for indoor areas, there are hardly any approaches to solving this issue and georeferenced maps of buildings currently do not typically contain accessibility information. Nor is there any previous work that shows how comprehensive information about the accessibility of a building can be determined effectively and efficiently. What information is relevant for different user groups has also not yet been sufficiently investigated.

The STS Digital Solutions for Inclusive Mobility: solutions and accessible maps for indoor and outdoor mobility is dedicated to exploring equal opportunities for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses in education and everyday work by critically evaluating current measures to promote mobility, developing requirements for innovative digital solutions, and identifying new perspectives.

Contributions about approaches and solutions to reduce barriers that people with disabilities and older people experience in everyday or occupational mobility are welcome. The focus will be on the following topics:

  • Accessibility of the complete travel chain
  • Accessibility of buildings
  • Accessible maps and map services
  • Mapping services
  • Indoor and outdoor navigation for people with disabilities
  • AI-based solutions for mapping, navigation or orientation
  • Orientation strategies in buildings 
  • Egocentric and allocentric descriptions of buildings
  • Methods of universal design for mobile services
  • Evaluation with users in a mobile context


Contributions to a STS have to be submitted using the standard submission procedures of ICCHP24.
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