Design for Assistive Technologies and Rehabilitation

A variety of relevant health and fitness parameters are now being captured via an ecosystem of consumer-oriented self-tracking devices, smartphone apps and related services. Techniques from information science, sociology, psychology, design, statistics, machine learning and data mining are applied for developing these systems.
These techniques provide new opportunities to enrich the understanding of individual and population health. Moreover, these system can be applied non only for self-tracking of everyday behavior and lifestyle, but can be also used for rehabilitation monitoring and self-diagnosis.
Design for Rehabilitation is the opportunity to discus on these topics from the different points of view of different stakeholder; bringing to discussion projects designed for different rehabilitation purposes.
  • Rehabilitation technologies
  • Robotics rehabilitation
  • Wearable sensing
  • Embedded sensors
  • AI/ML technologies
  • Smart Prosthetics
  • Healthcare design
  • UCD & Co-design for health
  • mHealth and eHealth
  • Pervasive Health
  • AAL solutions


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