Digital assistive solutions in person-centred integrated care for older people

Increasingly health and social care providers are looking at large scale technology adoption as an opportunity to deliver more timely and person-centred support. Most of the time this involves the deployment of wearable and non-wearable devices, sensors, broadband connections and other digital solutions in people’s homes, cars, workplaces, and the use of platforms where collected data are elaborated and redistributed to formal and informal caregivers and health and social care professionals.Both the SHAPES project and the SEURO project, two Irish led consortiums working under a Horizon2020 grant agreement, are developing and testing digital solutions for older people with different health conditions. Both consortiums are looking into the adoption of assistive technologies in the immediate life environment of older people and in many use scenario’s directly controlled by them. Both projects have a person-centred focus, end user design and engagement have been key in identifying and addressing challenges related to technology and service design.In this STS we will look into two aspects of the advancement of person-centred technology inintegrated care:1) the challenges related to human-device-system interaction, accessibility and solutions and strategies for its optimisation and 2) the factors for successful technology adoption, scaling-up and transfer, including those related to system and service design, governance, cost-benefits.We invite colleagues from other research consortiums, industry or service providers to consider presenting a paper related to research, development, policy or service innovation. We aim to publishing these papers in a dedicated section in the open access compendium, which will be produced for the conference.


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