Guidelines for Sponsors

Get in touch with office@icchp-aaate.org (keyword "Sponsor"), if you are looking for a way to co-operate with ICCHP-AAATE 2022 as sponsor and gain visibility for your message, products and services at the biggest European Event for (e)Accessibility, Assistive Technology and (e)Inclusion and be assured that we will find the perfect package together with you!

Sponsors of the conference are organizations, including companies, that contribute financially to the conference. Sponsors can either directly pay invoices related to the conference or donate sums of money to the international organization committee.

  • The minimum contribution in order to be acknowledged as a sponsor is Euro 5.000.
  • Sponsors have their logos published on the conference website and get the possibility to showcase a “roll up” banner at the conference venue. Sponsors donating more than 15.000 Euro will receive a special recognition during the event in a form and moment to be agreed.
  • Sponsors will have one free access to the conference, including all social events, for each 5.000 Euro they donate.
  • Sponsors will have the possibility to register up to 6 participants (business contacts, employees, board members, etc.) against a 40% discount on the full registration fee. These registrations will have to come in the form of “block bookings”.