Melvin – Multi-user editor for live subtitles

Thematic Area of product / prototype / service: 
Abstract: Web Application Prototype / Specific: Multi-user editor for live subtitles
Company (if applicable): 
Research project SHUFFLE - Stuttgart Media University, Heidelberg University of Education, Freiburg University of Education, Bielefeld University
Description of the product/Prototype/service: 
With the prototype of Melvin, several users can collaboratively correct automatically generated or imported subtitles of lectures or other talks. Besides improving the texts, it is possible to adjust the timings of the various subtitles. The goal is to have ready-to-use lecture subtitles that people with hearing impairments, among others, can participate more effectively in lectures. In the future, this automatic generation and the possibility of corrections should be available in a live mode, so that people with hearing impairments can also follow the lecture live, only with a short delay. In addition, it should be possible to translate the scripts into different languages so that even more people can benefit from it.
Level of innovation: 
Various commercial and open-source software solutions exist in this field. Melvin aims to be the first fully open-source application, combining all of the mentioned aspects (multi-user collaboration, AI-generated subtitles, live video streaming/ subtitle editing).
Benedikt Reuter - Stuttgart Media University Niklas Egger - Stuttgart Media University Korbinian Kuhn - Stuttgart Media University