Innovating Together: DigiAcademy, an accessible digital skills education platform

Thematic Area of product / prototype / service: 
eLearning, User Centered Design, intellectual disabilities
Description of the product/Prototype/service: 
The Digi-ID PLUS project developed a co-innovated accessible digital skills education platform: DigiAcademy, designed with and for people with accessibility needs, starting with those with ID, to address this digital literacy and access challenge to ensure better health, well-being and inclusion outcomes. The platform and its content have been specifically co-created and co-designed to meet the learning outcomes. DigiAcademy will allow the user to tailor their learning path to their needs, with the help of a supporter (social worker, caregiver) and by utilising AI to identify the best learning strategies to each user based on their profile and learning behaviour. The courses content is presented by people with intellectual disabilities themselves, who both act as ideal tutors as well as motivational role models. The digital educators expanded their own knowledge and confidence during their work with the team enabling them to showcase their own digital experiences to support their peers' digital engagement.
Level of innovation: 
This is a new product (not yet available in the Markey)
Dr. Esther Murphy and Sara Fiori Robotics and Innovation Lab, School of Engineering, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2